When I first met Danielle, I had been suffering from pain in my hip for several years. It bothered me when I hiked, something I enjoyed doing with my family; it bothered me when I sat at my desk, writing; it bothered me when I slept to all around, the pain in my hip was having a wide-ranging, negative effect on my life. It made me feel incredibly old. My doctor recommended physical therapy, which had little effect, as did other therapies I tried. Yet Danielle’s use of different bodywork techniques, along with exercises she taught me, had an almost immediate effect.

Since I started working with Danielle, my pain has nearly disappeared and I can once again do the things I love. Once my hip felt better, we were free to address other, less pressing issues, such as my difficulty sleeping, which had plagued me for years. Through the use of Ayurvedic herbs, Danielle helped my body heal itself and I can now, for the first time in a long time, have a restful night’s sleep. It is important to me to note that, unlike the sleeping pills my doctor had given me, which only masked the symptoms of the problem I was having, the Ayurvedic medicine worked to heal my body, so that I no longer need to take anything for sleeplessness.

Danielle is both a skilled body work practitioner and knowledgeable Ayrvedic consultant. To these healing practices, Danielle also brings something extra: her intuitive understandiing of mind and body. She listens carefully to me when we are discussing my health. I never feel “crazy” mentioning a symptom or problem. Danielle has the special gift of being able to tell what is going on with one's body by working directly with it, listening to its secret language. She has brought wisdom, reverence, insight, and humor to all my encounters with her. Danielle is a true healer. I recommend her very highly. —Gita Trelease, 39

As a former practicing massage therapist myself, I can honestly say that Danielle Frodyma is one of the most gifted, knowledgeable, intuitive, and kindest practitioners I have ever received bodywork from. Not once in the years of receiving massage from Danielle have I been disappointed in any part of the experience. She also teaches me something new and beneficial to my health every time I see her.

I highly recommend Danielle to everyone.
Sita Lang, owner of Plow Frau & Bow Wow, Turners Falls, MA

I have had the good fortune to work with several alternative health practitioners. There have been those whose touch released my energy from emotional blocks I had unknowingly created, those whose intuitive skills were in tune with my needs, those who listened with compassion and attention and those who used the energy of the Universe, herbs, crystals, color and other remedies to help relieve the stress to which I had subjected my body. They helped heal the broken synapses of my life. There have been those with years of experience and schooling who knew the workings of the human body, physically, emotionally and psychologically but none—and I write this without exaggeration—none who have embodied all these qualities in one person. That you do this still amazes me. You have known—from what you have told me—since you were very young what you would do with your “precious life.”

You shared your skills and compassion with me for which I continue to be grateful. You accompanied me on the path of Reconnection—one I still travel—a recapitulation of sorts with the past, lessening its contamination of the present. Always I felt we worked together to bring forth the person I had buried and am once again becoming. You have done this inside and outside your office, when I was new to the Greenfield area and even now across the miles.
Literature and Writing Professor, age 79

Danielle is amazing and gifted, not to mention a dedicated healer. Very intuitive and able to zero right in on what is going on in the body. I feel blessed to have Danielle in my life and will continue to recommend her to friends and family.
Pat Hinds, Buckland, MA

I have been doing Basalt River Stone Massage with Danielle Frodyma for some 4 years now. I remember how happy and glad I was to find her, because she is a caring wholistic and energetically aware body worker. Something not always easy to find. I was especially happy to see how she attends to details, like the cotton linens she uses, the Ayurveda massage oils, and the particular needs of individuals.

She is a body worker of service, with her sliding scale and compassionate heart. I am always glad to recommend her.
Goldie Keehn

What makes Danielle special is her ability to synthesize intuitive wisdom with practical know-how in a way that supports the client’s healing and wellness process.
Consultant, age 42

Danielle’s healing hands have helped me through many rough moments in my life, and there has never been a time when I left her table not feeling a significant change of energy. She has treated my entire family for a myriad of complaints and we have always loved being taken care of by her. Danielle’s massages are the best on the planet, but the acupressure is really what makes me feel best—from minor treatments and adjustments, to the dramatic crisis intervention she has done after my dislocated knee and a burst compression fracture. I believe her work has helped align my body in the best way possible to continue the heling process that I needed to do.
Sarah McKusick, Colrain, MA

The power of the healings still carries on. I’ve been going through some tough emotional stuff—but I am able to look more at the simple beauty of the things around me. I also have this inner sense that things are getting better.
Teacher, Brattleboro, VT

Thanks to Danielle, I’m getting my life back.

When Danielle moved up the hill from me 12 years ago I knew she would be a good neighbor. What I did not anticipate was that not only would she become a dear and trusted friend but my primary health care provider.

Despite almost total personal disregard on my part, Danielle has been able to keep this well worked 58-year-old body basically pain free. Danielle’s extensive knowledge of human physiology is matched equally by her ability to apply this wisdom through her talented and loving touch. for over a decade I have felt nurtured, truly cared for, by her effort.
In Gratitude, Richard

Everything I do on my farm is strenuous for my neck, shoulders and back. I used to be in chronic pain. Integrative acupressure has helped to relieve the effects of constant overuse of those muscles and allowed me to truly enjoy my work. Danielle has a healing touch which has made what once felt like a luxury (body work) become an essential part of maintaining my physical and emotional well-being.
Ceacy Henderson-Griffin, Colrain, MA

I have known Danielle Frodyma for three years and I have been fortunate enough to receive body work from Danielle for stress relief and for helping to relieve pain from sports related injuries.

Danielle is an extremely professional and talented massage therapist. She has a studied and natural knowledge of the human body. I have received body work in some of the most respected spas in America (i.e., Canyon Ranch) and I can say without hesitation that Danielle Frodyma is among the best.
Roxanne Klausmeyer, Colrain, MA

I have known and worked with Danielle over the years, and from the first time she treated me, I have loved being in her kind and loving company. She meets a person on all levels of mind, body, spirit and is able to heal not only with her presence and with her hands that can bring a quiet white light to surface, but also with prescriptions she shares for right living, better eating, and more proper caretaking of yourself. These suggestions as to how you might participate in your own healing are sweetly given, without attachment. She is generous with her time, though juggling a busy schedule, and I have experienced her healing powers grow and deepen as she has furthered her studies. She is a rare beauty and it is that which she can softly bring out in her clients.
Rebecca, Colrain, MA

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known and had body work done by Danielle Frodyma for over 9 years.

In that time she has helped me keep my knee in working order so that I could put off a knee replacement operation. Just 2 weeks ago I went to her office in agony, barely able to walk. When she had finished working on it I was able to walk with very little pain.

She has also helped me with digestive problems, and neck problems.

I highly recommend her. Please feel free to contact me by phone 413-624-8974 or email

Thank you, Carol Adams

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